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Bubblegum GPP (10 Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)

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Leaf type:

Single Finger & Webbed Leaves (Ducksfoot)

Plant Size:

XL – XXL | Up to 300cm (Outdoors)

Aroma & Flavour:

Bubblegum, Sweet, Candy, with spicy notes

~15-19% / ~1-5%


Relaxed, light numbing, stimulating


8-9 Weeks | end-October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Bubblegum Crusader Kush x GPP Hibiscus Kush 2.0 F2


Bubblegum GPP a single Finger Plant leaning into 3 tipped leaves towards flower. It can express narrow leaf and broad leaf Phenotypes, as well as more rarely non-serrated plants are possible as both parental lines are Poly-leaf Hybrids. Both the male and females expressed bubblegum aromas, thus this was a natural match.

Well suited for beginners, easy to grow, light to medium feeder.

Aroma & Flavour:

Bubblegum GPP offers a delightful blend of sweet bubblegum notes accented by subtle spicy hints. With a light to medium odor strength, it’s perfect for discreet cultivation. After curing, the aroma enhances the smoking or vaping experience, adding a touch of pleasure to every session. Enjoy the sweet and spicy goodness of Bubblegum GPP.


Bubblegum GPP provides a relaxation of the mind and mild numbing of the body going into a deep relaxing sedation. Moreover does it have a stimulating component with adds depth to the high. This strain has a pleasant and chill effect, making it a suited choice for the daytime.

Plant Morphology:

Single Finger Hybrid Plant, also non-serrated specimens can be present in the seedling due, to the poly-leaf mutant lineage. The plants come with strong vigour and strong stretch, take that into account when planing your grow space. Outdoors like most GPP lines this one can turn into a 3-4 meter Christmas tree under the right conditions. For greenhouses make sure it can accommodate this height, or train the plant well.

Parental Lines:

Bubblegum Crusader Kush x GPP Hibiscus Kush 2.0 F2

Single Finger plant with strong Bubblegum aroma and flavour selected out of a Crusader Kush by Kalyseeds crossed with a male GPP Hibiscus Kush 2.0 from us which also had a Fruity Bubblegum aroma with spicy undertones.

Bubblegum Crusader Kush =(GPP x AD17) F1 X ((GPP x AD17) F1 X GPP Hibiscus Kush)

GPP Hibiscus Ku

Pack Size

10 Pack, 5 Pack


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