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Pink Nova (10 Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)

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Leaf type:

Webbed Leaves (Ducksfoot)

Plant Size:

M -XL | Up to 200cm

Aroma & Flavour:

Pheno 1: Zesty Lemon Grapefruit

Pheno 2: Berry Fruit Desert with Girls Scout Cookies and hints of Skunk


~18-23% / ~1%


Pheno 1: Sativa, Bliss, Uplifting, Motivating

Pheno 2: Hybrid, Well-being, Creative, Relaxed


8-9 Weeks | end-October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Duckweb IBL x Alien Picasso F1 (Pablo Picasso x Lemon Alien)


Pink Nova brings together two amazing Duckfoot lines. The Pehnotypes with Pink Pistils have a zesty Lemon Grapefruit Flavour and a slightly airy Sativa leaning bud structure. The other Phenotype smells of Fruity Dessert, Girls Scout Cookies with hints of Skunk, and have a dense bud structure with elongated Buds.

Pink Nova is a good yielder, well suited for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. It is suited for beginners as well as experienced growers and has a great pest and disease resistant.

Aroma & Flavour:

Phenotype 1 (Zesty Lemon Grapefruit):

Experience the invigorating allure of Phenotype 1. Its zesty lemon and grapefruit aroma tantalizes the senses with a burst of citrusy goodness. Each inhale reveals tangy notes of lemon and vibrant grapefruit essence, uplifting and revitalizing your day with a delightful zest.

Phenotype 2 (Berry Fruit Desert with Girls Scout Cookies and hints of Skunk):

Delight in the irresistible flavors of Phenotype 2. Its fruity berry desert aroma is a sweet and delectable invitation to indulge. With each taste, a blend of fruity flavors dances on your palate, complemented by nostalgic hints of Girl Scout Cookies and intriguing notes of skunk, adding depth to this exceptional strain. Let Phenotype 2 transport you to a realm of pure satisfaction and bliss.


Phenotype 1 “Pink Pistil Sativa-dominant” (Uplifting and Invigorating):

The effects of Phenotype 1 are uplifting and energizing, providing a focused and clear-headed experience. It brings a carefree sense of joy and contentment while gently easing you into a calm and tranquil state. Perfect for both daytime productivity and evening relaxation. Enjoy the invigorating ride!

Phenotype 2 “Dense Hybrid buds” (Relaxing and Creative):

Indulge in tranquility and creative inspiration with Phenotype 2 This strain will melt away stress and bring pure happiness and well-being. Unlock your creative potential as you bask in the relaxing effects. Let it take you to a serene oasis, where comfort, joy, and artistic expression intertwine. Embrace the journey of relaxation and creativity and find sanctuary for your mind and spirit.

Plant Morphology:

Pink Nova has Webbed Leaves (Ducksfoot) and produces a medium sized Hybrid Plant structure. Phenotype 1 has Pink Pistils and an airy sativa leaning bud structure, whereas Phenotype 2 shows itś hybrid genes with denser flowers.

Only cold and wet conditions in the late bloom can cause issues.

Parental Lines:

Duckweb IBL from Olympic Seeds pure Indica originating in Afghanistan. It is an inbred webbed landrace with beautiful magenta/pink pistils, good potency and outstanding stability. The Phenotype we have selected has an extremely Uplifting and Happy, Social high associated with Sativa.

Alien Picasso F1 is a cross that we made of a super gassy OG Kush-leaning Pablo Picasso and Lemon Alien, both of which are genetics derived from Kalyseeds.

Pack Size

10 Pack, 5 Pack


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