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Variegated Delight (10 Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)

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Leaf type:

Poly-Leaf Mutant

Plant Size:

L – XXL | Up to 250cm

Aroma & Flavour:

Pheno 1 (Serrated Leaves): Fruity Mojito

Pheno2 (SWAG Leaves): Rubber with Menthol and Lime


~15-21% | ~2%


Uplifting, Clear-Headed, Giggly, Social, Creative


8-9 Weeks | end-October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse


Sativa dominant Hybrid


Gringo var Lemon x GPP Mango x Lemon Grape SWAG


This unique strain offers two main aroma profiles and at least 4 Leaf Morpologies. Phenotype 1 (Serrated Leaves) entices with a Fruity Mojito scent, boasting sweet lemon with hints of mint. Meanwhile, Phenotype 2 (SWAG Leaves) surprises with Rubber/Burned Tire notes fused with menthol and lime. As a variegated Poly-Leaf mutant Hybrid, Variegated Delight showcases 4 different leaf types, so you can select you favourite expression.

Aroma & Flavour:

There are two main aroma Phenotypes. The aroma expression are mostly in line with the leaf type, yet there are also outliers.

Phenotype 1 (Serrated Leaves): Fruity Mojito: Sweet Lemon aroma with hints of Mint. Fruity Mojito delights the senses with a sweet lemon aroma, complemented by refreshing hints of mint. The zesty and uplifting fragrance transports you to a tropical oasis, creating an invigorating experience.

Phenotype 2 (SWAG Leaves): Rubber/ burned tire with Menthol and Lime.Prepare for a sensory adventure with Rubber/ Burned Tire infused with menthol and lime. This Phenotype combines strong notes, offering a distinct and refreshing twist.


Variegated Delight offers a true sativa experience with a pleasantly uplifting and motivating high, perfect for both daytime productivity and exciting activities with loved ones. Unlike some super potent sativa strains, it strikes a balance, providing an invigorating effect without overwhelming intensity. Variegated Delight is the perfect companion to explore, create, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Plant Morphology:

Variegated Delight is a unique variegated Poly-Leaf Type mutant Hybrid, showcasing 4 different leaf types: smooth-edged Single Finger and webbed leaves, along with serrated versions. Around 30% of individuals display yellow on green variegations, while very light green/yellow seedlings are albinos. Albinos require grafting to another plant due to lack of chlorophyll and viability without an external photosynthetic source.

Variegated Delight displays stunning variegations (~30%) in shades of yellow-on-green and green-on-green, with most plants being non-variegated (~70%). Take care with variegated plants, as they are sensitive to nutrient burns. Light feeding is recommended due to lower chlorophyll levels, resulting in a slower growth rate.

The serrated plants excel in vigour, while the SWAG-leafed ones display remarkable resilience to drought and heat. Expect a more multidimensional aroma from the SWAG leaf plants. Most Phenotypes will have airy sativa flowers, with green and purple hues.

Parental Lines:

Gringo var Lemon is green on green variegated single Finger plant with a strong Lemon aroma with hints of Haze. Gringo came from Kalyseedsto us, who in turn received it from a Mexican collector according to whom this mutant plant was derived from a local Mexican population.

For the GPP Mango male, we made a large Phenohunt from a large Giant Pur Pur population of many different lines, from 2017-2021 from Kalyseeds. We selected a vigorously growing male with a dense flower structure and strong terpenes expression for a male.

Lemon Grape SWAG is an F2 selection of Opalo SWAG green x Mimikry SWAG, the females of this line had lemon, chem and grape-like fruit aromas.

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10 Pack, 5 Pack


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