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Regular Photoperiod

Regular photoperiod seed

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  • AZ Roadrunner Dreaming Regular Photoperiod x10

    0 out of 5

    AZ Roadrunner Dreaming
    Nepali Indica landrace x Jamaican Sativa x Blue Dream
    A Sativa Dominate 75/25

  • AZ Sky High Regular Photoperiod x10

    0 out of 5

    AZ Sky High
    Golden Goat x Hindu Kush x Myanmar landrace
    * 10 regular seeds

  • AZ White Mountain Regular Photoperiod x10

    0 out of 5

    AZ White Mountain High
    Pakistan landrace × i95 x Cambodian landrace
    Indica dominate
    * 10 regular seeds

  • AZ Wild Cherry Regular Photoperiod x10

    0 out of 5

    AZ Wild Cherry
    Cherries Thi strain x Hindu Kush times x Pakistan Purp
    * 10 regular seeds

  • Berry Runtz Regular Photoperiod x12

    0 out of 5

    M4 x White Runtz

    Grape(purple calyx and sugar),
    Rasp(Berries)(All varieties), and Lemon(ade)(purple calyx with inner purple sugars) have been the dominant profiles from the m4 side, with back notes of Garlic(especially on green calyx variety), and Glue(usually purple calyx but not purple inner sugar very often). Candy always takes off when it’s a fruit profile but also tends to also carry the glue.

    We have a flower time of 7 to 8 weeks max.
    Medium yield.
    Extremely Mold and Pest resistant.

    12 seeds per pack – Regular Photoperiod

  • CoCo Mints – 15pk Regs + Jealousy F2 Freebie Pack

    0 out of 5

    CoCo Mints = Animal Mints BX1 x Jealousy

    Animal Mints BX1 = Wedding Cake x Animal Mints

    Jealousy = Gelato 41 x Sherb BX

    Created by personally hunting and selecting my favorite cuts from original seed stock for each of these powerhouse strains. Each parent strain has had their famous characteristics locked in through backcrossing. Animal Mints BX1 for it’s uncanny fresh mint aroma, powerful effects and beautiful bright green buds. Jealousy for it’s wonderfully creamy and sweet Sherbert smell, vibrant color expressions and impressive stacking w/ huge yields. The result is an amazing mix of all the best qualities each parent has to offer. CoCo Mints has some of the most powerful terps I have come across and is sure to impress with it’s unique mix of Fresh Mint, Creamy Chocolate and a Powerful Funk tying it all together. This is a vigorous plant that develops into a large yielding beast with tall/strong branches with exceptional node stacking. The branches tend to stay singular and do not branch out into a bushy type structure. Instead they grow tall with open spacing in between allowing ample light penetration into the lower canopy. The result is huge colas from top to bottom with nicely developed lowers that are just as dense as her tops. The yield and terps alone make her a standout in any garden but her flavor and effects make her a true keeper. The Fresh Mint provides a clean, crisp and refreshing inhale with the creamy chocolate coming through on the exhale leading to a wonderful aftertaste. The effect is mentally stimulating with a deep body relaxation that begins to set in the more you indulge. A wonderful strain for finding your creative flow or just sitting back and contemplating life. Wonderful to share with friends as it tends to spark connections and interesting conversation.

  • Concrete Dragon Regular Photoperiod x11

    0 out of 5

    11 seeds per pack – w/ freebie
    4 packs available

  • Cream Sundae Regular Photoperiod – 12/pack

    0 out of 5

    Cream Sundae is a wonderful large flowering plant.

    We selected her after finding her to be Coffee Chocolate to the max! Colder temps can get her to purple up really nicely! Expect a nice flower stretch and yoyo’s or scrogs are preferable for the yield she tends to give… Large! She loves a nice high EC coco run. Easy to train and manipulate and very easy to trim all the way to harvest.

    Sundae driver outcross.
    Heavy yields and a nice stretch to them. Very fast growing..
    Flower time is approximately 65 days.
    Regular Seed

    10 to 12 / Pack

    I’d give credit to the original but he can’t remember shit about giving permission so first off, fuck him. Second off, no one can copyright a genetic. You want to use my shit, feel free and you certainly DO NOT need to give me credit.

    Free the seeds. Undercut the greed.

  • Curt’s Kush Regular Photoperiod x10

    0 out of 5

    OG KUSH BX5 X (BLUEDREAM X STARDAWG) 10x Regular Photo Seeds She smells of Classic OG and Deep, Sweet Berries. Intense Citrus notes with a touch of Cream. She is known to break her own branches! Long, spear shaped flowers that produce incredibly large and resinous colas.

  • Eazy Daze Maui 5 Pack

    0 out of 5

    EazyDaze Maui
    Regular Seeds
    THC% = Above Average
    Yield = Above Average
    Flowering Time = 9 to 13 Weeks

  • Grape Lava (x10 Reg Photo)

    0 out of 5

    One of the most colorful strains I have come across. Extreme fruity terp profile crossed with the best Grape strain on the planet. High yielding and extremely sticky. (Lava Cake #11 x Melonade x Mac) x Grape IBL 10 regular seeds