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The Breeders That You May Not Know, But You Should!

Hailing from southwest Michigan. Walipini Seeds has developed a cool website that allows craft breeders to sell their gear! Since the legalization of cannabis in over twenty states, breeders are flooding the market with genetics. You name it, someone is creating it.
Getting your beans in the space or places that people will buy them has become difficult. At Wali World we are looking for cannabis enthusiasts that are looking to grow amazing, unique gear! Our vendors are mostly open source, want to share, and help create genetics that are unique, potent, or answer a need for someone.
Ironically, we never intended to sell seeds. We grew secretly among ourselves and when Michigan and Illinois appealed prohibition, we brought our beans online to Discord in 2020. After sharing our genetics on Discord, we developed a demand for our seeds. Our followers wanted to grow our beans, however at first, we were working with older seed stock. Within a year we created fresh seed stock and hit the market with below average pricing for quality craft feminized seeds.
After growing rapidly on Discord, we attracted additional breeders who posted their gear on our Other Breeders Gear Channel. Quickly, we realized that it made sense to create Wali World and allow all of our small batch breeders to be able to sell their seeds to the masses. It has been awesome to be able to meet so many cool breeders and help everyone get their seeds available to purchase. So far, the bank has been a success, and we are excited to see how far we can take this community. We pride ourselves on customer service, dedication, activity, and participation. I am always around for a question. And have a strong presence, especially on Discord.
Our breeders are available via text, email, discord, Instagram, and twitter. Our breeders want to make sure their customers are satisfied, are available for support, and willing to answer your questions. Wali World Breeders understand that your success speaks for our genetics and are willing to help ensure your grow is successful. Furthermore, one of the major benefits of buying at Walipini Seed Bank is the breeder sends the beans to you! You will communicate with the people who created genetics! Breeders love feedback and the opportunity to learn from all of you. We all work together to improve the plants we grow, and to help each other create the cannabis that we intended to create.
The next time you are considering buying cannabis seeds, please consider Walipini Seed Bank!

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