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Walipini Community Spotlight: @Commongroundonline

Common Ground: A Journey of Collaboration, Quality Genetics, and Cannabis Innovation

In the world of cannabis, where corporate giants dominate, there exists a group of individuals who are united by a shared vision. They call themselves Common Ground, and their mission is to challenge the status quo, destigmatize the plant, and support those affected by the war on drugs. At the heart of their journey lies a deep appreciation for good genetics and a commitment to fostering a decentralized cannabis community.

Discovering Walipini:
For Common Ground, being caregivers means constantly seeking out top-notch genetics. Dissatisfied with the prevailing market’s emphasis on high THC and fruity terpenes, they embarked on a quest for something different. That’s when they crossed paths with Walipini, a group of like-minded individuals led by OG, whom they encountered in the sticky dojo of Discord. Impressed by Walipini’s direction and philosophy, Common Ground eagerly observed their PLC mother bush, patiently waiting for the opportunity to collaborate.

The Resilience and Unique Gas of Walipini:
Walipini’s genetics proved to be a game-changer for Common Ground. Their plants exhibited remarkable resilience, strength, and the ability to thrive in challenging conditions. But what truly set them apart was the production of unique aromas that delighted the senses. It was a rare find in an industry chasing homogeneity. Moreover, the people behind Walipini exemplified the values Common Ground held dear, always giving back to the community and supporting growers on their journeys.

The Birth of Pablo Rolls:
The fruitful collaboration between Common Ground and Walipini gave rise to new possibilities. Inspired and driven, Common Ground launched a brand called Pablos LoL in partnership with NFT groups. Through the WeRPablo collective, they revolutionized the distribution of high-quality Purple Lemon Cake (PLC) pre-rolls, connecting consumers directly with the farmers in New York. This innovative approach ensured a seamless farm-to-consumer experience, fostering transparency and authenticity.

A Promising Future:
The success of Pablos LoL, WeRPablo and the partnership with Walipini are just the beginning for Common Ground. With their unwavering commitment to quality genetics and community engagement, they have become a beacon of hope in the cannabis industry. The future holds exciting prospects for both brands, with plans for expansion and further innovations on the horizon.

Common Ground’s journey is a testament to the power of collaboration, the pursuit of good genetics, and the drive to create a more inclusive and sustainable cannabis community. Their alliance with Walipini has not only yielded exceptional plants but also fostered a sense of unity and purpose. As the industry continues to evolve, Common Ground remains steadfast, standing on the common ground they share with growers, consumers, and advocates alike.

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