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Walipini Seed Bank Breeder Spotlight Series 1: Eazy Daze Cultivators

Eazy Daze Cultivators is Available on Wali-World Seedbank!

Why did you choose to list your genetics on Wali-World Seedbank?

When we found out about the seedbank, we had already heard of Walipini Seeds from other people in Michigan. After doing some research and discovering how the model worked, we wanted to be a part of the site. Unlike most seedbanks available to us, Wali-World allows you to ship your product directly to your customer. This allows you to retain your customer information and build a customer list. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about setting up credit card processing as that is managed by Wali-World.

The other major reason we liked the Wali-World model is the ability to set our pricing however we would like. We want our seeds to be affordable, and Wali-World gives us the ability to keep our packs under $40.

What was the reason you started creating cannabis genetics?

For my other company we started in Denver right after the fall of prohibition. We decided to rent a room to give us the ability to teach more classes and keep our cost low for lodging. The first place we rented a room our roommate had a tent and had one plant. I had never seen a growing cannabis plant before that time and was amazed by who cool it looked. I asked if I could set up a tent in my room and he said no. When I returned home from that trip, I mentioned to a group of friends while were smoking a J. Would not it be cool to be able to have a place, we could grow in Denver, a small tent and create a few new cannabis strains? Then maybe one of our strains, could win the Cannabis Cup someday? Everyone thought it was a cool idea, and we were on our way. Within a month I found a place that would let us grow, and we started with a 2×4 in a basement in Denver, CO. To sum this all up we started creating cannabis genetics to try and create something that one day might win a Cannabis Cup!

Is there anyone in the Cannabis industry you look up to, if so, why?

There are several people I look up to in the industry. Three people really stand out. The first would be the Dude from the Dude Grows Show. Just from the time he takes to communicate with anyone who is a DGC Supporter is impressive. Also, he really does an amazing job dealing with the guy who always interrupts him that sounds like a frog. The second person I really admire is Rasta Jeff from Irie Genetics and the Grow from Your Heart Podcast. It is obvious to me that a lot of the major players in the cannabis genetic space got there by taking on investors and letting that boost them to success. Very smart, and there is nothing wrong with that approach. I admire Rasta Jeff because he has built a brand through hard work. He shares his knowledge through the podcast, answers his customers questions, and makes really awesome cannabis genetics. Last, but not least would be Mid-Michigan Josh from our team. We met a couple of years ago, and he wanted to help us create and test genetics. Since then, he has already created over thirty crosses, tested most of them, and is always marketing our gear on Instagram and is a top contributor to our discord. His dedication and drive are awesome and help push our gear to new levels!

What is your favorite cannabis podcast or show?

My favorite cannabis podcast is The Dude Grows Show. I feel like it is the most entertaining, has the best host, and the team there is incredible to work with. Whether you are dealing with Shelby or Banner everyone is super friendly, and they go out of their way to help you! Furthermore, the community is legit. We have gone to the last two Dude Grows Cups, and you will not find a more diverse yet awesome cannabis community. They also have unlimited resources on their website.

What is the favorite cannabis cross you have created and why?

My favorite cross is the Alien Struggle Bus. There are several reasons why I like the Struggle Bus. The taste of the bud is phenomenal for me. I will not describe it here, you can our join discord if you would like to see several reviews. Furthermore, the plant is strong, does not require much support, and the buds are dense. Trichome coverage is great, and although we have not found much color in the buds in the f1s and f2s, we are seeing some more colors pop up in the R1 Alien Struggle Bus #11. The plant does not struggle to grow at all. It maybe a little slow in early veg, but then it will explode with growth. The name comes from the struggle of trying to create it in Denver when we lived over one thousand miles from there.

What are your goals for creating cannabis genetics?

Other than one day winning a cannabis cup, right now we are focusing on working our favorite creations to more stable F3 and F4 generations, creating diverse feminized seeds, and creating more feminized auto flower varieties. We have a couple projects with other breeders in the works as well.

Our goal when we create a new variety is for it to be easy to grow, have a unique terpene profile, and to taste great when you consume it. Being able to offer something that is unique to the market is important to us as well.

Who is the target market for your genetics?

Our target market is home growers of all types. We take pride in our seeds being affordable and want as many people as possible to be able to try them.

Where can you find out more about Eazy Daze Cultivators?

You can find us on our Website, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!






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