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Walipini Seed Bank Breeder Spotlight Series 4: Tackett Genetics

Why did you choose to list your genetics on Wali-World Seedbank?

I really liked Wali’s personality and his goal with the bank. He’s looking out for all the breeders on the bank, not just himself. It also made keeping track of orders a lot easier.

What was the reason you started creating cannabis genetics?

I’ve had a passion for creation ever since I was really young, and cannabis happened to be the plant that grabbed my love and attention the most. There is so much potential in this plant and I wanted to discover and refine as much of that potential as I possibly could.

Is there anyone in the Cannabis industry you look up to, if so, why?

There is no particular person that I look up to really. I mainly look up to all the home growers. It’s them who make my passion worthwhile, and their feedback that allows me to improve with every new cultivar I create. Without the home growers of the industry, most craft breeders would never have the means to pursue whatever goals they have.

What is your favorite cannabis podcast or show?

I don’t often watch or listen to podcasts or shows that are focused on cannabis. When I do, though, I’ll listen to a few episodes of The Dude Grows Show

What is the favorite cannabis cross you have created and why? Currently my favorite creation is my variety of Super Sour Diesel. It is my take on a classic, and it is unlike any other SSD genetic I have ever seen. It tests very well, in the 25%-30% range, accompanied by an absolutely insane terpene profile of citrus fuel.

What are your goals for creating cannabis genetics?

Finding and bringing forth the most medicinal phenotypes that I can. I try my best to optimize every cultivar I create and make it into the best version of itself that I can.

Where can you find out more about Tackett Genetics?
Tackett Genetics On Walipini Seed Bank
Tackett Genetics Twitter

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