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Walipini Seed Bank Breeder Spotlight Series 3: Sanguine Seeds

Why did you choose to list your genetics on Wali-World Seedbank?
Because I felt that Wali would promote my brand properly.

What was the reason you started creating cannabis genetics? Is there anyone in the Cannabis industry you look up to, if so, why?
Because I’ve always wanted to work in genetics and studied it in school. When the possibility for utilizing my knowledge to make dank af strains everything just fell into place. As for look up to I would have to give a big shoutout to Brad over at Raw Genetics. He’s been instrumental in nearly every step of the way.

What is your favorite cannabis podcast or show?
I dislike cannabis shows but that’s because I’m surrounded by it all day and used to run my own.

What is the favorite cannabis cross you have created and why?
M4 because it’s a strain I spent a LONG time working in the 4 crosses and then working to stabilize them. It’s a never ending project of love.

What are your goals for creating cannabis genetics?
Stable and quality genetics that not only have flavor but the legs to carry you.

Where can you find out more about Sanguine

Sanguine on the Bank

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