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Walipini Seed Bank Breeder Spotlight Series 2: Old Soul Cultivator

“Wali-World shares very similar values about breeding and customer service as myself. That was a huge draw for me, and obviously the amazing list of breeders onboard didn’t hurt.

.I started creating cannabis genetics back in 2016. I felt that as the seeds I bought from companies or seedbank’s we’re always so hit and miss or subpar all together. This led me on years of seed hunts, and lots of money for original lineages. I look up too a couple of folks. I really admire and respect Breeder Steve for all of the work he does within the community and for the whole world. Another I respect a lot is Todd McCormick, and you can’t leave out Mel Frank. I really don’t listen too many podcasts, and I try and not watch TV much either.

Try and keep my head buried in the soil and the books! Goals- my main goal is to bring in the old school landrace stuff I grew up smoking and growing in the mid 1990’s in with the newer hybrids. I feel a lot has been lost within some of the newer lineages. Especially for outdoor conditions. Adding certain landraces to certain newer designer strains can accomplish a lot for outdoor growers. Trying to grow a lot of the newer strains outdoors is not an easy task “trust me”.

You can always find out more about me or follow along with on my Twitter page or from the Walipini Seed Bank blog under breeder highlights. Or just reach out directly through email if you have any questions.

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